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Why Vote Wyatt For Clerk & Recorder

Wyatt sitting on a rock in Estes Park, Colorado

I am a Data Nerd

In my current profession I do product forecasting. I LOVE organizing and studying data. That is one of the reasons I chose Clerk & Recorder as the office I wanted to run for. I have always been passionate about our democratic process, and I wanted to dive in, head first, to all the data and processes behind it.

I would like to provide more data to the people of Larimer County. Being TRANSPARENT about our election data by sharing as much of it as possible is one of my top priorities. Updates, regional data, percentages, these are all things that I think are important to share when we have any election here in Larimer.

My love of spreadsheets and data also drives me to make things as EFFICIENT as possible. It's my goal to ensure all of our systems are working in synchronicity as much as possible. No one needs to wait or miss a payment for a service because something wasn't communicated or something took too long to process.

I live in Wellington, Colorado, and smaller towns in our county don't always have the Clerk's Services ACCESSIBLE to them. I want to work with local community leaders to find where there may be gaps and figure out a way to make sure our rural communities have access to all the services they need. This is especially important for our voters have access to cast their ballots in any form. Mail, drop off, or in person, it is imperative that we do what we can to provide that access.

There are so many more reasons why I wanted to run for this office and why I think I am the best fit for Larimer County Clerk & Recorder. I would love to talk to you more about it! Make sure to check out all my upcoming events on the Where's Wyatt page or Contact me to set up a one on one meeting. I am here to work for Larimer!

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Featured Endorsements

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Lt. Governor

Colorado Lieutenant Governor

I am endorsing Wyatt as the next Larimer County Clerk and Recorder.

Wyatt has the passion and drive to lead a complex office.

Now more than ever, we need someone who will be 100% transparent when it comes to elections.

He will lead with integrity for our democratic process and all of the Clerk's duties and responsibilities.

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