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  • Megan Eleazer

The Working Families Party Endorses Wyatt Schwendeman-Curtis for Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Special Election This November.

Updated: Apr 18

This November, the special election will be to fill the position after Angela Myers's resignation.

Wyatt Schwendeman-Curtis is proud to be Endorsed by they Working Families Party for the next Larimer County Clerk and Recorder

Larimer County, CO---- The Colorado Working Families Party (WFP), a significant political force in our state for the voices of everyday Coloradans, has made a momentous decision. They have endorsed the campaign of Wyatt Schwendeman-Curtis for Larimer County Clerk and Recorder for the upcoming election on November 5, 2024. This endorsement is a powerful testament to Schwendeman-Curtis's values and dedication to the community and adds substantial weight to the Wyatt for Larimer Clerk and Recorder campaign. Wyatt has also been named the official nominee for the Democratic Party.

The Larimer County Clerk and Recorder “special” election, which will take place in this year’s general election, is to fill out the last two years of the term left vacant by the sudden and unexpected resignation of the previously elected Clerk, Angela Myers, just a few months after her re-election in 2022. Her quick resignation has been seen as a controversial move aimed at keeping the seat in GOP hands. We have seen a history of Republican County Elected officials resigning early in order to appoint a new Republican official and attempt to keep control of an elected seat. This creates an appearance of an incumbent running for office during the following election. This has not worked in Larimer County when tried in 2018 and again in 2022, and it is our hope that the voters of Larimer will again keep full consideration of all candidates running. It is also a stark reminder of the importance of this election. 

“As believers in democracy, it is our duty as Americans to protect our values against MAGA extremists who rely upon misinformation, conspiracies, and terror to keep power at all costs. This elected position should not be politicized in this manner, and it is important that we elect a candidate dedicated to providing transparency, efficiency, and access for every citizen in Larimer County to our election systems and all of the other services provided by the Clerk’s office. 

The WFP endorsement is a testament to my commitment to serve all our residents equally and that we must unite to protect our democracy against any extremists that seek to deny the vote of the American people. I am honored to partner with the Working Families Party in this mission to save and defend our democracy. 

Angela Myers did a fantastic job in the past, and I thank her for her commitment. Still, I do not trust the current National, State, and County Republican Party to abstain from influence in the County Clerk Offices in the future and pressure an official from their party to make a dishonest and partisan decision in our elections. We must flip this seat for a candidate and party that believes in and supports our right to free and fair elections”. ---Wyatt

The Larimer County Clerk and Recorder's office plays a crucial role in our local government, overseeing elections, maintaining public records, and ensuring transparency and accountability. There have been recent controversies with the Colorado Republican Party engaging in election denialism, suppressing voting rights, and attacking the freedom of press, assembly, speech, and bodily autonomy of our citizens. This underscores the importance of this office and its impact on the rights and freedoms we hold dear.

Wyatt Schwendeman-Curtis is the official Democratic Party nominee for the Larimer Clerk and Recorder’s office. He brings passion and a wealth of experience in data forecasting and analytics, and a strong track record of service to this race. He hopes to win your vote in the election on November 5th.

Wyatt has the endorsement of many respected leaders like State Senator Janice Marchman and State Representative Judy Amabile,  State Board of Education Director Rhonda Solis from CD 8, Larimer County Coroner Stephen Hanks, local mayors including Jeni Arndt (Fort Collins), Will Karspeck (Berthoud), and Calar Chaussee (Wellington),  Wellington Trustee Rebekka Dailey, Poudre School District Board members President Kristen Draper, Vice President Jessica Zamora, Directors Kevin Havelda, Carolyn Reed, Conor Duffy, Thompson School District Board Vice President Stu Boyd, and Directors Amy Doran and Dawn Kirk,  candidate for Congress CD-04 John Padora, and community organizer Kat McManus, Head of the Rainbow Collective in Loveland as well as other individuals and organizations listed on his website,


ABOUT   Wyatt is the official nominee from the Larimer Democratic Party for the election this November 5th to fill out the remainder of the term for the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. He is running on championing values such as election and data transparency, communication, teamwork,  democracy, accessibility, and a dedication to truth, efficiency, and accuracy of reporting. His campaign is a call to all who share these values to stand up for our democratic system of governance and against those who wish to suppress the voice of the vote..



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